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Living in luxury

High-quality residential accommodation

Zuider Vastgoed specializes in accommodating high-end residential needs, offering property that is perfectly aligned with current market requirements and that scores high in terms of comfort and convenience as well as several specific quality aspects. In order to meet the demand, we frequently acquire property in Amsterdam in all market segments.

Zuider Vastgoed is active in development and investment projects.

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Zuider Vastgoed
More than Living
in Luxury

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  • Our vision

    Quality in any and every segment

    Our vision is entirely based on quality. We do realize that the meaning of the word quality has been eroded by overuse. However, many years of experience working with our clients have provided us with insight into the specific, characteristic qualities as they pertain to the various segments of the residential property market in Amsterdam. In virtually every case, this involves a combination of specific aspects such as size, location, layout options, finish, authenticity, privacy, security, et cetera. In this respect, we focus on long-term success.


    Zuider Vastgoed is interested in developments and locations in all of Amsterdam’s neighborhoods and environs. We take a fresh view on developments, and through our years of experience, often see more options that might be visible at first glance. For this reason, we like to contact parties that are offering homes, shops and office spaces in Amsterdam and its environs. As we are very aware of the importance of the right moment, we use short, clear lines in our communications, and we always make bids without funding provisos.

    Zuider Vastgoed is constantly engaged in upgrading existing properties, where we never lose sight of the latest developments. Our continuous guidance during the construction process ensures high quality, while practical layouts create the ultimate feeling of HOME. Due to the turnkey character of our projects, our customers have the optimal hassle-free experience.

  • Our team


    Since its establishment by Tuncer Tuzgöl, Zuider Vastgoed’s aim has been to create as much living pleasure as possible in any project they develop.

    We enjoy designing projects a little differently and in shaping them contrary to the usual. This means not swaying in line with each latest trend. Here, it is also the long term that counts.

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